The breeds of sheep at the farm have been chosen for lamb and wool production. The Scottish Blackface is a medium-sized, very hardy breed having horns. This breed produces lean tasty meat and a coarse fleece suitable for felting or rug making. The Perendale was developed as a cross between a Romney and a Cheviot making it a hardy dual-purpose breed. Its fleece is valued for hand spinning and the breed is well muscled to produce quality meat. The remainder of the sheep are cross breeds of Border Leicester, which is known for its lustrous wool valued by hand spinners, and Texels which produce fast-growing meaty lambs. Lean pasture raised natural lamb is hormone and antibiotic free and available as individual cuts or -for those with a freezer- as whole or half lamb custom cut. Clean high quality fleeces are available for hand spinning and felting. The farm intends to add roving and natural colored yarn to its products.